Cheap Cheap Gallery, Birmingham

Dudley & Sam Hutchinson

PV 1 October 5-8pm
Show Contunies:
1 October - 27 November 2022

How do spiritual masters get their whites so white? Have people who talk about being grounded ever looked at the ground? It’s tarmac, empty tinnies, broken glass, nos canisters and ladbrokes betting slips. How can we fantasise about growing roots when everything is concrete?

Dudley has made rubbings from the prison door that incarcerated Oscar Wilde, during which time he wrote De Profudis, and used them as grounds for drawings. A loooong nike tick says ‘When the revolution comes we will take back the ticks and make them as long as we like.’ Dudley is a mushroom, they transform, like honey to mead. Baggies of MDMA are now kids silver coloured card, pinned on a HMP prison shirt.

Gloryholes are now portals to elsewhere. Doorways in doorways, a way to connect in prison, a way to not deny your body. Light supremacy as a denial of your erotic essence. A shrine of Jesus only shown from the belly button up, his bowels are not there. When you deny your body, where does it end?

Car badges bought on eBay, a distorted portal printed on a silver blind, holes on and into a light blocker. An alsation painted on stolen development signs.

Sam is constantly collaging, reassembled, cut up, edited, made new, new function, alternative reality. Army uniforms are spray painted green with new patches. Shades of green are everywhere. POWERED BY SARCASM & COFFEE. The British Army and the Police. State violence in this context is personal, politics is personal, or is it sanitised, the meaning as squashed and edited, is this safety, is this cleansed, is there going to be a change. Cosmic class consciousness NOW.  

You can change your gender but you can’t change your football team.
What happens when you take fruit from the other side of the garden?

This exhibition brings together two friends who share a sensibility. A duo show with a difference.

Text by Dinosaur Kilby