Sam Hutchinson/ Sam Blackwood/ Haffendi Anuar/ Veronika Neukirch/ Rhiannon Hunter/ Davinia-Ann Robinson/ Elisabeth Molin/ Serra Tansel

14 Apr - 30 Jul 2021, on view Mon - Fri 10 - 6pm

‘The sky fell onto the anvil’,
giclee print,

No Show Space is pleased to present SH/FT, a temporary assemblage* of artists at its shop/front on Temple Street, Bethnal Green, London.

SH/FT’s assemblage grows as each artist invites the next participant and the works accumulate in the same space.** The names of artists are revealed as the handovers take place with an online conversation. Works on display create space for each other and their context shifts with every addition. In these times of distance, disconnection and disruption, the process of coming together and finding new ways of self-organising is the framework of SH/FT.

This spatial and temporal meeting breaks away from the old normals. / Can we really talk about a time stop? Or zooming in on other rhythms; like that of bees and dust, smoke even./ Plunged into soil, connections to dispersed histories and corporeal intimacies uncovered. /Unearthing connections to the textural materiality of being in my environment, Observing and playing with the slippery meshy-ness of being part of a physical and felt world. / We can't help but embody the fundamental chasm between inner and outer space; between the finitude of external matter and the infinity within./ Sowing connections in a season of restrictions, how materials in space could be activated as seeds for shared meanings. / Interactions with objects. Maybe they've gone now, or completely changed but “Memories are motionless”, Bachelard in The Poetics of Space. Public space coordinated via objects /

The first work was by Serra Tansel on view from 14 April followed by Elisabeth Molin on 28 April, Davinia-Ann Robinson on 12 May, Rhiannon Hunter on 26 May, Veronika Neukirch on 15 June, Haffendi Anuar on 23 June and Sam Blackwood on 6 July 2021, and Sam Hutchinson on the 15th July.